Tips to help you manage a disaster situation…or avoid one!

To Prevent Water Damage

  • When leaving home for more that a few days, turn off allwater supply lines to sinks, washing machine and toilets. A few minutes can save hours of clean up work and thousands of dollars.
  • If you notice rusty water when filling a bathtub or sink, it may be a sign that your water heater is about to leak. Have it checked by a plumber to save you and your insurance company money.
  • If you experience a water loss, immediately contact your insurance company or a mitigation contractor. In the meantime, move any furniture, contents, etc. from the  affected area. This will help save contents and may also keep wood stains and dyes from staining your carpet. Remember, when dealing with water in the home, time is critical to keep damage and costs down!

To Avoid Fire Damage

  • Unplug curling/straightening irons and small appliances when not in use. Too often, it is the small electrical items no one thinks about that cause damage, unnecessary cost and even injury.
  • Don’t store gasoline for the mower and weedwacker in your garage if you have your hot water heater in the garage as well. Fumes from the gas could be ignited by the pilot light to your water heater .
  • Whenever renovating your home, have all electrical systems and connections inspected by a certified electrician.
  • Have your chimney inspected and cleaned regularly by a certified chimney sweep. Wood burning fire places often produce materials that build up on the interior of the fireplace and chimney which can catch fire long after your fireplace fire is out. Also, birds and other animals sometimes nest in chimneys and nearby on the roof, sometimes an ember can ignite the nests, causing a house fire.
  • Change smoke detector batteries in all detectors on a regular basis. You may want to do it each time you adjust the clocks for daylight savings time, this is a good way to remember and it will be twice a year, every year.

If You Discover Mold Damage

  • Signs of mold can be extremely troublesome, since the media coverage warns us of the toxins found in mold. There are many cases, however, where mold is found and is treatable. When you find signs of mold, don’t ignore it but don’t over react. Contact a Mold Remediator or an Industrial Hygienist. In either case, be careful who and how you make your selection. Too many of these will convince you that the problem is bigger than it actually is because it means income to them. Mold can be and sometimes is a real problem that needs to be dealt with. However, in many cases, the recent media hype exceeds the actual science. Contact us for more information.

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