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My home has just had a traumatic event, should I call my insurance company before I call a restoration contractor?

  • Each claim is different so there is no “one size fits all” answer. However, if the damages seem minor or manageable you might want to contact us first. We can then assess your description of the loss and offer you some guidance.
  • If we suggest reporting the claim, simply call your agent or carrier and let them know we are on the way to start mitigation process.

What should I consider when selecting a restoration contractor?

  • It is certainly important to know how long your potential provider has been in business, as that translates into experience and credibility. Generally speaking, poorly-performing companies don’t stay in business. Here are a few questions that you may want to ask:
    1. Will you be sending your employee to my home or do you sub-contract work to another company?
    2. Can you be to home within two hours. (That is ARS’s goal on every job.)
    3. Is your company certified? Is your certification through IICRC?
    4. Is your company licensed and bonded to perform fire, water, wind mitigation services?
    5. What kind of fees or payments do you require on emergency services calls? Would we have to pay you more than the deductible on an emergency service call?

Can I restore my own home?

  • Yes you can. In some cases during your initial call to us we may even recommend you do so. But, remember if damages are significant you may want a professional to do it. When you sell your home you will need to disclose the loss and potential buyers are more comfortable if you used a professional.

What is involved with restoration process?

  • Our process involves a site inspection, an evaluation of damage and then providing you an outline of the process to work with your insurance carrier to bring you and your property back to a pre-loss condition. Our goal is to help property owners get their environment and quality of life back as quickly as possible!

Can ARS manage my claim for me?

  • We look at the process as a three-legged stool. You, your Insurance Carrier and ARS. Although your carrier will be very involved in the process (as is appropriate) we consider it one of our responsibilities to guide and assist you through the details of the claim process as well as actually Mitigate your loss.
  • Over the years, ARS has become very proficient at generating an effective working relationship with the carrier on each claim, which helps us to guide you through the process.

We understand that these are by no means your only questions as you go through this process. Please know that we are here and available for you! Keep our number handy, our mission is to guide you with professionalism and care…care for your property, but also care for you and your family, as what you’re experiencing can be very stressful.


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