The quality of the air in your home can affect your family’s health, ARS now provides complete HVAC ductwork cleaning and sanitizing.

Dust, moisture and other contaminates can be pulled into the mechanical conveyance of your HVAC system through the returns and from exterior sources. These contaminates build up inside the return ductwork. If regular¬†maintenance¬†of your system does not include use of high-quality, efficient filters and changing the filter every 30 days, it’s possible that less and less of the particulate that is drawn into your system is trapped and thus can create ductwork buildup.

ARS offers cleaning of residential and commercial ducts. We employ and highly-trained teams to best serve the needs of our customer. Upon arriving at your home, our lead technician will walk through the process to be used to cleaning your system. Source removal duct cleaning is considered the best method for relieving indoor air quality problems and is the only method endorsed by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).

Our Process

ARS utilizes source removal technology for duct cleaning. We use high velocity compressed air along with a high volume vacuum system (9000cfm) to dislodge and remove debris and contaminates to remove them from your home. We use specially designed air whips, air sweeps and rotary brushes to ensure proper removal of all contaminates.

All grills, registers, diffusers and plenums are cleaned and sanitized. After the cleaning an EPA approved sanitizer is fogged through the system. This sanitizer will kill mold, bacteria, and fungus.

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