Finally a system to inventory your contents…with an easy to use tool. Introducing iCAT

When homeowners think of a house fire or flooded home they usually think of the structure. The reality is that most have house damaged home insurance claims involve many thousands of dollars in content damage too. While the home repairs usually fall on a contractor, the chore of settling the content side of the claim falls on the insured. This can mean hours and hours of tedious and monotonous counting, cataloging and report writing to turn into your claims adjuster.

Fortunately, we can help soften the blow with our ICAT inventory system.

With a convenient Homeowner Portal providing interactive access 24/7, confidence is established the moment an insured knows that an iCat-powered contractor has been assigned to their claim. The ability to review their contents property and track the claim through its restoration lifecycle reduces anxiety to a marked degree.

Additionally, the iCat Fast LKQ is the industry’s fastest Personal Property Non-Salvage Valuation Technology. This means carriers quickly get the data they need so they can pay insureds, and help rebuild their lives, faster.

iCat is all about Modern Contents Management and ARS delivers it to you.

  • Simple system to help speed up the claim process.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Keeps track of items that have to taken off site while repairs are made to your home.
  • Helps you separate Salvageable items from Non-salvageable into a report your adjuster can use.
  • System that adjusters understand and can work with while sorting out the “content” portion of your claim.
  • You can monitor and track the process of your inventory.
  • Reduces the “headaches” of getting the adjuster what they need to pay off your claim.


“I am very satisfied with the level of service provided and iCAT was very useful and informative. I would definitely recommend your service to any one in a similar situation. Thank you.”
Wayne Prada
iCat has been an amazing tool for pack outs in our business. Having everything you need at your fingertips via the web saves time and money when it comes to inventory. Very easy to use and has many features that are desirable to companies that would like to transform their packout procedures. Give customers and clients direct access to their items. Track your inventory with a breeze using your iPhone or iPad. If you do more than 10 packouts per year, this product is a no-brainer.
Brady Wilson