Fire Damage Restoration

Call us after the firetrucks pull away.

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This fire started in the laundry room and quickly traveled to the next room over. Many rooms were affected, as were the contents.

Contents Packed

We packed all the of the contents that need to be cleaned. These items were carefully wrapped, boxed up, tagged with a unique code for that customer, and on their way to our secure warehouse.

Restoration Begins

Our employees arrive promptly in PPE protection, Tyvek suits. This allows them to begin the potentially hazardous cleanup that is necessary before rebuilding.

Contents Cleaned

As repairs to the house were under way, all the contents were carefully unboxed and cleaned using our high tech washing equipment.

Contents Delivered

After repairs were complete, all of the content from our secure warehouse were loaded up on one of our trucks and delivered back to the house. With our content tracking system, we can ensure all belongings are returned to our customers. We also offer an unpacking service for convenience.

Our Restoration Services

We offer a complete array of services to restore your contents and living space in pre-loss conditions.