Water Mitigation

Experiencing a water damage emergency? You need experienced, dependable service…fast!

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A pipe burst upstairs, causing water damage to ceilings, floors, and cabinets. underneath. The kitchen, dining room and family room floors were all affected.

Started Drying

We immediately started the drying process. Marking all spots that were wet or read a high humidity level on our equipment.

Contents Packed Up, Cleaned, and Stored

We quickly packed up the contents and took them to our secure warehouse for cleaning. This also gets any breakable contents out of the way for demolition.

Water Damaged Floors and Walls Removed

As part of the process, we removed all water damaged drywall, and all flooring that cannot be restored to pre-disaster conditions.

Prep for Re-Build

We then continue to dry out the sub-floor and support beams until we receive an low humidity reading throughout the house. We also sprayed the support beams with antimicrobial spray. These measures prevent mold growth and further damage. Now the re-build can safely begin.

Our Restoration Services

We offer a complete array of services to restore your contents and living space in pre-loss conditions.